About Us

Hello we are Devy and Irene. We are people behind Bohobaby. It all started when I, Devy pregnant with my first son. As a new mom, I am so thrilled and excited to capture memories as many as possible. To cherish every milestones of my first born. 

Good shoes take you to good places they said. And I did realize that good outfit is pleasant to the eyes. And to the pictures as well! The problem is, its very hard to find the cotton baby clothes at their finest here in Indonesia. With simple style and warm-earth-color tone. Buying online from overseas is near to impossible due to the tax and custom here is quite complicated.

Therefore I thought my self, why not give it a try to produce clothes that suits my taste. And Irene, my high school friend is the very first person that come across my mind. Her passion towards fashion is undoubtable.

Devy, mom of 2 boys. Aston and Ford.


It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. And I am so lucky to be able to do what I love for a job as well.

Irene, mom of 2 boys. Roland and Rex.

Since I was a little I'm so in love with anything that related to children and fashion. By the grace of God, He entrusted me with 2 cheeky boys and to work at children's fashion, its all what I have dreamed of.


When Devy called me and told me about her idea, without hesitant I said YES! Let's do it! At first I only take Bohobaby as my side job. However, I did realize not everyone given a chance to do what their passionate about as their job. I dreamed that Bohobaby will grow bigger and bigger. Hence, I resigned from my previous job and give my full attention to Bohobaby.

Every time I heard delightful feedback from our client, such as:

"Woah, this is so cool."

"My kids so happy and comfortable wearing your clothes."

"My kids look gorgeous on Bohobaby."

Those words make me over the moon and strive to push me work harder and giving the best.


We are very grateful as Bohobaby (bohoofficial.com) growing as we founded the company and the brand. All activities related to Bohobaby (bohoofficial.com) are managed by and provided by CV. KREASI KASIH KARUNIA which means 'creation', 'love', and 'gifts'. We hope with our brand and mission, we're able to share, create, and make our beloved products available worldwide.

Warm Regards

Devy & Irene